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Gods Rush v1.1.6 (Energy Mod)

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    Gods Rush v1.1.6 Hileli Apk indir

    Gods Rush v1.1.6 (Energy Mod)

    Pandora’s Box has been opened – It’s up to you to save the world in Gods Rush! Set in the era of ancient Greece, you lead a rag-tag team of timeless heroes, monsters, and Gods through danger and onto glory! Combining unique tactical combat with classic RPG elements, Gods Rush guarantees hours of explosive action – Download Gods Rush today and forge your own legend!

    Overwhelming ★★★★★ Reviews
    5/5 “Easy to play, nice quick game when you have a minute or two. Good graphics”
    5/5 “No complaints! The game has kept me hooked for the evening”

    What reviewers are saying:
    “Top 5 Free Games for iOS and Android.” – Prepaid Reviews
    “Fun party building system, great loot, interesting gameplay.” 8.9/10 – App4Smart
    “This was pretty fun and I am still playing it after a week.” – uClash Gaming
    ✔ Guide a team of Gods, heroes, and monsters on a quest of epic proportions!
    ✔ Unleash otherworldly skills to crush your enemies on the battlefield!
    ✔ Gotta collect ’em all! Try to gather the complete pantheon of Greek Gods and villains!
    ✔ Unearth rare armor and relics to evolve your characters!
    ✔ Battle players across the globe or try to survive the Gauntlet!

    – Download
    – Install and Enjoy!

    Credits to: NTAC​


    Gods Rush 1.1.6 Hileli Apk indir

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