Perşembe , Haziran 17 2021

Free Fly for Fun (Flyff) V7 Sneak Peek!

Fly for Fun (Flyff) is excited to give players a sneak peek at V17! The expansion will include a new zone, a new dungeon, new monsters, new inhabitants and so much more! V17 will also introduce two new systems, a Colosseum System which will allow players to form groups and take on bosses for loot and glory and a Cooperation System that rewards players for working together to complete a goal. With this expansion will also come a plethora of new quests, and a quest revamp for the 2nd job change!

Players can also look forward to user interface (UI) improvements and graphic enhancements, as well as weapon upgrade enhancements, a fashion combination system, and shiny new armor sets.


Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 Hile indir

Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 Hile indir Bu eğiticiyi aktifleştirmek: Ana menüde F1 tuşuna basın. …

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