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Free Game Cabal Europe: Happy Birthday!

Free Game Cabal Europe: Happy Birthday! 

Three years ago, launched Cabal Online and the land of Nevareth opened its doors to the public, drawing alot of attention. For one year, Cabal Online was available as a PayToPlay-game, and finally, two years ago, it got changed to become what it now is: One of the most successful free-to-play titles in Europe.

Many players have been here from the beginning, many have just recently joined the forces of Nevareth, doing their first steps in Cabal Online. The same applies to the people behind it – some are here since the beginning, others have joined just recently.

Many things have happened in those three years – good and bad. There have been exciting wars on TG, great clashes between players and GMs, but also we faced some technical challenges, that kept players waiting for the servers to return. This also belongs to the 3-year-long history of Cabal Online Europe. And is dedicated to the game each single day of it.

To celebrate the occasion, and as a reward for all of the active customers, from the 16th June to September will be running a series of competitions and events. Experience Boost-Weeks, Monster Invasion and last but not least the “Cabal Memoires Competition” – the chance for everyone to publish their own memories (stories, screenshots, etc.) and win some very nice prizes!

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