Galacticraft 1.4.7 Mod Minecraft 1.4.7


Galacticraft 1.4.7 Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

Galacticraft 1.4.7 Mod Features

  • Travel throughout the solar system!
  • Create and customize your very own Galacticraft (customization coming soon)!
  • Explore new planets and moons!
  • SMP Support – Explore with your friends!
  • Multiple language support!
  • New mobs!
  • Lots of new items and blocks!
  • Dungeons!
  • API to allow modders to add more content, including whole new solar systems and galaxies!

Galacticraft 1.4.7 Mod Changelogs

  • Greatly improved oxygen system logic.
  • Oxygen Collectors now have a range of 5 instead of 10.
  • Oxygen Collectors will (very) slowly make leaf blocks decay.
  • Oxygen Collectors can be linked together into one distributor.
  • Fix exploding beds.
  • Using a bed on the moon will set your spawn there, so be careful you don’t get stuck!
  • Add some more oxygen system interfaces into the API.
  • Fix NBT loading of Oxygen Sources.
  • Improved air lock power detection.
  • Air locks can now be powered directly, so you can place redstone torches right underneath.
  • Fix Galacticraft launch time.


For Galacticraft or Spaceship crafting Recipes you must go to here

So guys! lets say thank to Micdoodle8 as developers this awesome Galacticraft 1.4.7 Mod. We really appreciate and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, I hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Galacticraft 1.4.7 Mod

Galacticraft 1.4.7 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.4.7

Client Installation:

Minecraft Forge should be extracted into the jar first, Render API pack should be extracted into the jar after, Galacticraft 1.4.7 Mod .zip file should be placed in the “mods” folder in your .minecraft directory.

Server Installation (optional):

Minecraft Forge should be extracted into the server jar first, then Player API should be installed after Forge. Run server and stop, Galacticraft .zip file should be placed in the “mods” folder in your server directory.


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