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GTA 5 Hile Jordans Menu v0.5

GTA 5 Hile Jordans Menu v0.5

GTA 5 Hile Jordans Menu v0.5

İNDİRMİŞ OLDUGUNUZ DLL Dosyaısnı gta 5 oyununa enjekte etmeniz yeterlidir.

Features Include

Player aimbot/triggerbot with selectable targets
RP Increaser
Crash protection against clone crash attempts
Karma options to deal with players aiming at you
A variety of vehicle mods including acceleration/braking force adjustment and slam vehicle option
Ability to spawn vehicles for the entire lobby
Ability to teleport individual/all nearby players vehicles to a waypoint
Large number of online trolling options for individual/all players
World options including vehicle mayhem and vehicle jumping
Hotkeys for quick access to a number of functions
Full controller support
Plus much more


Inject Jordans Menu v0.5.dll file when singleplayer has loaded
Install Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 if you have injection issues
Use the alternate config dll if you wish to start with all options disabled
Open the menu with Numpad * or LB + DPAD Right
Navigate the menu with Numpad 8 2 4 6 or DPAD
Select option with Numpad 5 or Controller A
Go back with Numpad 0 or Controller B
Use hancock mode with keys ] and [


Manual anti crash – Numpad 1 or RB + DPAD Right
Teleport to waypoint – =+
Invisibility – ;:
Fix player and fix/clean car – Caps lock
Reset slam vehicle – Numpad Divide
Speed boost – Numpad 9 or RT + A
Instant stop – Numpad 3 or LT + DPAD Down
Disable spectate mode – F12


Added aimbot instant kill shoot activation option
Added give job money (looped)
Added esp names
Added esp name to track individual players
Added auto kill enemies option
Added spawn enemy option
Added set off car alarm option
Added menu font size adjustment option and changed default size
Added attached clone option
Added clone detection type 2 option (protection)
Added automatic teleport option (protection)
Added random final location option (protection)
Added adjustable number of teleports option (protection)
Added individual player explosion loop
Added missing vehicle super diamond
Added service vehicle category
Fix player now clears any visible damage
Hancock mode can now be used to fly a vehicle
Improved aimbot instant kill range
No reload now turns off when the option is set to off


GTA 5 Hile Jordans Menu v0.5


Knight’s v 1.9.401 APK MOD

OYUN AÇIK Hızlı 3v3 çok oyunculu maçlarda diğer takıma karşı yarışın, canavarları önce kimin yenebileceğini …

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