Jaffas and more Mod 1.7.10/1.8.2


Jaffas and more Mod 1.7.10/1.8.2

Jaffas and more Mod adds famous Jaffa Cakes (brownies, cream rolls, ice creams and more) into the game. We tried to make a not so easy craft chain – this mod has been mainly created to add extra content which could be used in factory designing and building. It also adds a bunch of fruit trees that bear fruits (apple, cocoa, vanilla, lemon, orange, plum) and plants (coffee, strawberry, onion, etc). Sound interesting right ? want to download and install this Jaffas and more Mod ? just see my post below

Jaffas and more Mod Features

  • a lot of foods – over 70
  • challenging crafting chains (but also a few “starter” foods is available)
  • fruit trees and plants – plenty of new fruits and vegetables
  • machines and kitchen appliances/tools – expect more to come
  • animal – duck
  • armours and tools
  • home stones, lightning rod


Jaffas and more Mod Installations for Minecraft

1. Get the Minecraft Forge installer

2. Open minecraft in that version once, and install forge.

3. Go to the .minecraft folder and drag the zip in the mods folder.

4. Run Minecraft in ‘Forge’ profile and play.

5. Enjoy

Before leaving this post, we invite you to share about mod especially for latest Jaffas and more Mod updates features and any other details about this Mods. You whose already using Jaffas and more Mod, then you can feel free to give comment about tips, trick or better glass comparison. Until next post guys, have fun with this popular Jaffas and more Mod

Download Jaffas and more Mod 1.6.4

Download Jaffas and more Mod 1.7.10

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