League Of Legends Hile LoL Enhancement Suite 4.11 indir


League Of Legends Hile LoL Enhancement Suite 4.11 indir

League Of Legends

Merhaba arkadaslar League Of Legends oyunu oynayan kullanıcılarımız için

bir cok güncel oyun hilesini vermeye devam ediyoruz eger sizde League Of Legends

oyununa ait hile aradısanız bu hileyi indirip hemen deneyebilirsiniz

Hile botunun özellikleri:

  • AppearOffline: Adds an option to appear offline in the chat options. You appear invisible to everyone, but all chat functions still remain.
  • AutoAcceptQueue: Will automatically accept the queue at the end of the queue timer instead of declining the queue.
  • KeepMyPage: Stops the client from switching back to the home page after a queue is declined.
  • ClientMatchHistory: Show the old match history in the client instead of just having a picture
  • StopCloseGame: LoLClient.exe making your League of Legends lag? This removes the call to close the game when the lobby is closed, allowing extra performance gains for those potato machines.
  • StoreRefresh: Always getting those Session Expired messages in store? This patch allows you to refresh the store simply by reclicking the store button.
  • JoinMultipleQueues: Not sure which game mode you want to play today? Just join ALL the queues! (NOTE this mod is very experimental)
  • EasyQueueDodge: Adds a “Quit Game” button to the champion selection screen similar to custom games. NOTE: You will still get queue dodge penalties!!
  • SkinnyBots: Gives a random skin to the bots in custom games.
  • SelectRandomSkin: Adds a random-skincard to the Champion Selection. This will allow you to randomize any skins you own.
  • TimeForAShowdown: Enables custom showdown games on any map
  • SeeTeamColor: Shows what color team you are on (blue/red).
  • OfflineMessage: Send messages to people who are offline.


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