Thursday , November 30 2023

LIV Golf launches the sport’s first-ever transfer window

LIV Golf has launched the sport’s first-ever transfer window with player movement, free agency and new team rosters in progress as momentum builds for its second full season teeing off in 2024.

The unique format of LIV Golf features two season-long leaderboards, with an individual and a team championship up for grabs.

In 2023, RangeGoats GC’s Talor Gooch won the Individual title while Bryson DeChambeau’s Crushers GC claimed the Team Championship.

The individual standings are broken down into three categories, with final positions determining a player’s status in the league:

Lock Zone: Players finishing in the Top 24 secure an opportunity with the league next season.

Open Zone: Players finishing 25-44 whose contracts are expiring become free agents.

Drop Zone: Players finishing 45 and below are relegated out of the league and automatically qualify for LIV Golf Promotions for the chance to earn their spot back next season.

There are several phases to offseason player movement as teams prepare for next season:

Phase One: Top 24 contract extensions offered

Players who finished in the Top 24 Lock Zone of the Individual Standings at the conclusion of the regular season are guaranteed an opportunity to play in the 2024 LIV Golf League.

In Phase One, which is now underway, players in the Top 24 whose contracts expire at the end of 2023 are offered a minimum one-year contract extension by their existing team.

The five players who are extension eligible are Peter Uihlein (12th, 4Aces GC), Anirban Lahiri (13th, Crushers GC), Carlos Ortiz (15th, Fireballs GC), Richard Bland (20th, Cleeks GC) and Scott Vincent (22nd, Iron Heads GC).

If a player in this group decides not to accept the offer from his current team, he will become a free agent and may be signed by another team with an open roster spot.

Phase Two: Free agency

In addition to any Top 24 players who opt to become free agents, players who finished 25th to 44th (Open Zone) whose contracts also expire at the end of 2023 are free agents.

These players may be re-signed by their previous team or can negotiate a contract with another team that has an open roster spot. The players who finished in the Open Zone and are no longer under contract are Pat Perez (28th, 4Aces GC), David Puig (31st, Torque GC), Matt Jones (37th, Ripper GC), Bernd Wiesberger (41st, Cleeks GC), and Graeme McDowell (42nd, Cleeks GC).

Teams are not obligated to re-sign their free agents from the Open Zone and can instead create an open roster spot for players from other teams.

Free agency will conclude when four league roster spots remain. These spots are reserved for the winner of The International Series Rankings and the top three finishers from LIV Golf Promotions.

Phase Three: LIV Golf Promotions

LIV Golf Promotions presents an exciting pathway for the world’s leading amateur and professional golfers to play in the LIV Golf League in 2024.

The inaugural tournament will be staged Dec. 8-10 at the iconic Abu Dhabi Golf Club in the United Arab Emirates, with four rounds of golf played over three days, including 36 holes played on the final day. LIV Golf Promotions will offer overall prize money of $1.5 million, and the top three finishers will earn a place on one of LIV Golf’s teams next season and access to all 14 LIV Golf League events in 2024.

Leading players from all over the world will be eligible to take part. In addition, relegated players finishing 45th and below in the 2023 LIV Golf League standings (the Drop Zone), and those without a team contract for 2024 who finished in the Open Zone, also have the opportunity to regain their playing rights for 2024. The deadline for players to register is Nov. 20.

Trades and Draft

Throughout the offseason, teams may swap players from their rosters, providing the trade is approved by both teams. To support opportunities for teams to strengthen their rosters once the season has begun, a mid-season trading window will take place in 2024 (exact dates to be announced) where teams and players will be free to negotiate trades as well as extensions to their existing contracts if a player is in the last year of their contract.

Following LIV Golf Promotions, the league will host the LIV Golf Draft through which the winner of The International Series Rankings and the top three finishers in LIV Golf Promotions will be drafted onto the remaining teams that have open spots on their rosters. Additional details on timing and format will be released in due course.


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