Love and Deepspace Memory Tier List for January 2024

Love and Deepspace, a sci-fi dating simulation game brought to you by InFold Pte. Ltd. Immerse yourself in a narrative where love transcends boundaries, featuring immersive cutscenes, 3D storylines, and heart-pounding interactions. As you navigate through this futuristic adventure, we present a Love and Deepspace Tier List, offering insights into the characters that will elevate your gaming experience.

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Love and Deepspace Tier List for January 2024: Best Memories Ranked

Keep in mind that while the Love and Deepspace Tier List serves as a helpful reference, your gameplay approach can influence its dynamics. To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve categorized 4-stars and above memories into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This classification not only aids in understanding each memory’s potential but also provides valuable insights into their strengths and contributions to your cosmic adventure.

Tier Xavier Zayne Rafayel
Strong (S) Precious Bonfire,
Heartstring Symphony
Cozy Afternoon Before Sunrise,
Your Fragrance
Good (A) Fluffy Trap,
Lightseeking Shadowrend,
Lightseking Obsession,
Fragment of Time
Promise Everlasting,
Forever Sealed,
Business Trip,
Gentle Twilight
Deep Sea Promise,
Deep Sea Riches
Average (B) Perfect Sunset,
A Day of Snow,
Dawn to Dusk,
A Captured Moment,
Warm Wishes,
Close Feelings,
Garden of Secrets,
An Appointment,
Shimmering Sunlight,
Moment’s Respite,
Starry Sound,
Dreams Within Reach,
Galactic Harmony,
Shining Light,
Shining Traces,
Spring Letter
Sweet Conspiracy,
Spring Remnants,
Secret Fairytale,
A Long Night,
Fleeting Sweetness,
Ramblings Come True,
Glittering Lights,
Tranquil Heart,
Tranquil Moment,
Fragmented Dreams,
Starry Nocturne,
Neon Night,
Surprise Encounter,
Everlasting Snowdrop,
Thoughtful Words
Flowery Words,
Afternoon Arclight,
Hidden Shadow,
Ivory Nightfall,
Oceanside Exchange,
Ocean At Night,
Radiant Heart,
Radiant Halo,
Whalefall Lament,
Journey Seeker,
When Light Falls,
Rainbow Strokes,
Daybreak’s Touch,
Scorching Rain,
Fragment Dream,
Dangerously Close

Best Memories in Love and Deepspace for January 2024

Xavier: Precious Bonfire

Love and Deepspace Xavier: Precious Bonfire
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

Xavier: Precious Bonfire is one of the top Love and Deepspace memories, with the highest overall stats. What makes it special is its Talent, boosting weakness damage by 0.2% for every 4000 HP when HP is above 8000. This makes Xavier a great choice for powerful battles.

Zayne: Cozy Afternoon

Love and Deepspace Zayne: Cozy Afternoon
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

Zayne: Cozy Afternoon is among the best memories in Love and Deepspace, thanks to its Talent. With an attack above 400, every extra 20 attacks increases weakness damage by 0.2. This feature makes Zayne’s memory effective in various combat situations

Rafayel: Before Sunrise

Love and Deepspace Rafayel: Before Sunrise
Image via InFold Pte. Ltd.

Rafayel: Before Sunrise is a top-tier 5-star memory in Love and Deepspace. Its Talent kicks in when the defense is over 200, giving a 0.2 boost to weakness damage for every additional 10 defense points. Rafayel becomes stronger as defense stats rise, providing a strategic edge in battles.

Final Thoughts

In the cosmic realm of Love and Deepspace, battles with mysterious aliens bring an exhilarating twist to the romantic tale for Deepspace Hunters. The Love and Deepspace Tier List provides helpful guidance, but the game’s dynamic gameplay lets personal choices mold the cosmic adventure.

Love and Deepspace goes beyond ordinary dating games, offering a fun and immersive experience. So, whether you’re engaging in thrilling battles or shaping your own love story, the game invites you to explore a unique and captivating journey in the vastness of space.

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