Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Most Valuable Secret Lair Bonus Cards


  • Secret Lair Drops in Magic: The Gathering offer exclusive and valuable cards with special variants and artworks.
  • Slivers are a powerful and sought-after card type in the game, with Quick Sliver, Galerider Sliver, and Gemhide Sliver being highly coveted.
  • Other valuable cards include Shadowborn Apostle, Jace, The Mind Sculptor, and autographed Magic: The Baseballing cards.



Some of the coolest cards that have been released in Magic: The Gathering have come through Secret Lair Drops over the years. Many of the more valuable cards in the game have been released through this program, with special variants and exclusive artworks hidden among the various collections.


Magic: The Gathering – Every Drop In The 2023 Secretversery Secret Lair Superdrop, Ranked By Value

Six new Secret Lairs have arrived as part of Magic: The Gathering’s 2023 Secretversery so we laid them all out based on their value.

These cards generally aren’t found in regular Secret Lair Drops, and instead are bonus cards released in random drops for a limited time, with an extremely limited print run and no guarantee you’ll open one of these rare cards.

The prices of these cards come from TCGplayer’s Market Price and will fluctuate over time, especially since it doesn’t look like Magic is ending Secret Lairs anytime soon.

11 Quick Sliver

Full-Art Foil – $78.88

Quick Sliver Full Art Secret Lair by John Avon

Slivers do a lot of things that break the game in terms of traditional rules. Just one little creature can give major boosts to every other Sliver in play, multiplying your army many times over with just a could of creatures.

Among the more powerful Slivers to grace the game is Quick Sliver, a somewhat unassuming creature compared to some of the other bombastic creatures in the kindred type. What makes this Sliver so good is that it lets you cast all your Sliver spells at instant speed, letting you cast them at any time.

10 Galerider Sliver

Full-Art Foil – $78.94

Galerider Sliver Full Art Secret Lair by James Zapata

Among some of the first highly sought-after Secret Lair Bonus cards, the various Sliver card released became instantly coveted by players. For many of the Sliver-related cards released this way, it was the first time they were available in a modern frame, not to mention being full art variants.

Galerider Sliver takes the first slot on this list given its ability to give all your Slivers a huge advantage with their aerial superiority. Giving only your Slivers flying is a departure from the usual flair of Slivers giving all creatures that share the type an ability, but it does make it the best way to give your Sliver creatures evasion.

9 Gemhide Sliver

Full-Art Foil – $89.65

Gemhide Sliver Full Art Secret Lair by John Matson

Another Sliver joins this Bonus Card list with Gemhide Sliver, an amazingly efficient mana ramper that has all your other Slivers joining the party to dump your hand out as quickly as possible. This two mana creature turns all your Slivers into Birds of Paradise, letting you tap them for a mana of any color.

Gemhide Sliver is an essential card for any Sliver-themed Commander deck, giving you all the mana you could possibly need or want, assuming you have a few Slivers out as well.

8 Mox Opal

Retro Frame, Etched Foil, Dan Frazier Variant – $106.19

Mox Opal Secret Lair by Dan Frazier

Turns out, getting free mana off of a zero mana artifact with a ridiculously easy ability to hit makes for a pretty good Magic card. Mox Opal has long been a staple in plenty of decks over the years, adding one mana of any color, but only so long you have three or more artifacts, which since it includes itself, is just two other artifacts.


Magic: The Gathering – Every Drop In The Fall 2023 Secret Lair Superdrop, Ranked By Value

Find out how much money would you spend in the Fall 2023 Secret Lair Superdrop.

This Mox Opal features artwork from classic Magic artist Dan Frazier and is in the same style as the original Moxes from the Alpha set, which he also illustrated more than 30 years ago.

7 Sliver Hive

Full-Art Foil – $225.86

Sliver Hive Full Art Secret Lair by Igor Kieryluk

The last of the Sliver-themed cards to top the Secret Lair Bonus card prices, Sliver Hive is the top land to play in any Sliver deck. It can add any mana of any color, but only if you’re casting a Sliver spell off of it.

The real importance of the card comes from its ability to create 1/1 Sliver tokens for just five mana. Even though those tokens don’t give anything to your other Slivers, they do receive all the bonuses your other Slivers grant.

6 Shadowborn Apostle

#683-685 Alternate Art Foils – $80.70 – $265.44

Shadowborn Apostle Secret Lair by Meyoco

There are only a few cards that bend one of the most basic rules of Magic, that you can only have four copies of a card in your deck (or just one copy if you’re playing a singleton format like Commander). Shadowborn Apostle is one of the more popular cards that does this, letting you play as many copies of it in your deck as you like.

This version of the card features artwork from Meyoco, taking the usually very dark artwork for the card and giving it a lovely pastel feel.

5 Jace, The Mind Sculptor

Wizard Of Barge Variant – $341.58

Jace, the Mind Sculptor Secret Lair by Wizard of Barge

One of the most powerful planeswalkers ever printed and the boogeyman of Modern for years, the planeswalker Jace, the Mind Sculptor received a special Secret Lair card that was only available to a select few.


Magic: The Gathering – Every Drop In The Summer 2023 Secret Lair Superdrop, Ranked By Value

The reprint value of Magic: The Gathering’s Summer 2023 Secret Lair Superdrop leaves a lot to be desired.

This variant was a participation promo for players who competed in either a Pro Tour or the World Championship events throughout 2023. If players placed in the Top 16, they would also have picked up a foil version of Jace. It’s not known exactly how many of these cards exist, but it’s likely in the low thousands, making it incredibly rare.

4 Persistent Petitioners

#595 Borderless Foil, Casimir Lee Artwork – $342.00

Persistent Petitioners Secret Lair by Casimir Lee

Another card that bends the rules of Magic to the point of breaking, Persistent Petitioners lets you play as many copies as you’d like in your deck, though has a different end result than Shadowborn Apostle.

One Persistent Petitioners can mill a player one card. Four mills them twelve. Keep playing more and more of them and you’ll be milling your opponents out in no time. There are eight Secret Lair variants of Persistent Petitioners, but the Casimir Lee one is by far the most valuable of them.

3 Magic: The Baseballing Autograph Cards

Liliana, Garruk, and Chandra – $300.99 – $747.99

Garruk Wildspearker Autographed Secret Lair by Fay Dalton & Scott Okumura

Every now and then a Secret Lair drop really nails the feel that it’s going for and one that truly knocked it out of the park was the Magic: The Baseballing drop. Based on classic baseball card designs, this drop took all the original planeswalkers and placed them together on a team, The Gatewatch.

The incredibly rare autographed cards became an instant favorite among fans, giving the original Lorwyn planeswalkers a new twist for collectors. At the time of this writing, the top three signed cards are Liliana, Garruk, and Chandra, with Liliana taking the top spot at more than $700.

2 MagicCon Serialized Secret Lair Cards

Lord Of The Pit, Merfolk Of The Pearl Trident, and Swords To Plowshares – $600.00 – $998.99

Lord of the Pit Secret Lair by Wizard of Barge

Another very special Secret Lair drop, the three MagicCon Serialized cards are special classic Magic cards with a special twist. Each card in this limited drop is serialized, with only 295 copies of each available. You cannot purchase this Secret Lair, they are randomly distributed to attendees of MagicCons so all you can do is attend while feeling particularly lucky.

Among the most valuable of these cards include Lord of the Pit, Merfolk of the Pear Trident, and with Swords to Plowshares taking the top spot at $998.99 for a copy at the time of this writing. Don’t be surprised if more classic and iconic cards join this list as more MagicCons are hosted throughout the year.

1 Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer

Secret Lair Showdown 2023 – $2,500.20

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer Secret Lair Showdown by Niarki-2

The most valuable Secret Lair by a wide margin is the Secret Lair Showdown 2023 version of Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer. This exclusive card was only available at MagicCons, in a limited number of events, and you have to reach the Top 32 of those events to earn one of these foil cards.

Winning one of these events rewards you with a Showdown version of Brainstorm, but there are only four of those in existence as far as we know and no one has sold one yet, so the little Monkey that has turned Modern on its head is the top contender for now.


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Love it or hate it, Secret Lair gave Magic: The Gathering some banger drops in 2023.

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