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Marvelous Moon 1.4.7 Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

Marvelous Moon 1.4.7 Mod Minecraft 1.4.7

Marvelous Moon 1.4.7 Mod Informations

What the moon DOES have, however, is a completely unique building environment that you can only find in a zero-pressure environment. Building on the moon is very different than on Minecraftia. Any building materials that are not strong enough to stand up to the dangers of a vacuum are simply unusable, and liquids are frozen solid instantaneously. Sadly, the same physics apply to the human body, leading to a bit of exploding unless you are wearing a space-suit!

Marvelous Moon 1.4.7 Mod Features

  • Space-Suit: Must be worn while in the vacuum of space in order to prevent explosive decompression.
  • Air Scrubber: Used to create artificial atmospheric conditions similar to those on Minecraftia
  • Cockpit Block: Used only as the key block in the building of a space-ship
  • Star Blocks: They don’t have a use YET, but they will once start adding the interesting features.
  • Moonstone: The basic block on the moon, it can be smelted to get an iron ingot
  • Framework Block
  • Fixed a bug with ice blocks
  • More bugfixes pertaining to compatibility, should now be IC compatible.
  • Added a config file
  • Made some changes to world gen that SHOULD fix compatibility problems. THIS MAKES OLD MOON DIMENSION SAVES INCOMPATIBLE.
  • Reworked a few parts of the decompression code that should make the decompression action much cleaner.
  • Increased damage to the player caused by the vacuum, makes decompression more of a threat.
  • Attempted, again, to remove rain on the moon. It should no longer be a problem.

So guys! lets say thank to majikguy as developers this awesome Marvelous Moon 1.4.7 Mod. We really appreciate and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, I hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Marvelous Moon 1.4.7 Mod

Marvelous Moon 1.4.7 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.4.7

Easy Installations use : Magic Launcher

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Marvelous Moon 1.4.7 Mod zip file
  3. Put Marvelous Moon Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  4. Done



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