Minecraft Battlefield Mod 1.7.10/1.8.2


Minecraft Battlefield Mod 1.7.10/1.8.2

20 3D guns with stunning models
Camoflauge armor
Amazing textures
Realistic, accurate weapons



Australian Camo Shirt
Australian Camo Trousers
Hardcore Army Boots
American Desert Shirt
American Desert Trousers
Russian Shirt
Russian Trousers
Commonwealth Shirt
Commonwealth Trousers
nva shirt
chinese shirt
chinese trousers
officers shirt
officers trousers
ussr shirt
ussr trousers
naval shirt
naval trousers
naval warsaw shirt
naval warsaw trousers
nightops shirt
nightops trousers
police vest
army vest
usmarine shirt
usmarine trousers
police shirt
police trousers
Iron Army helmet
Camo Helmet
SAS Helmet
Forest Camo Helmet
Airborn Helmet
Gilli Hood


British Forest Camo Block
American Desert Camo Block (gone for now; be back soon!)
Australian Camo Block
Dog Tags
Russian Shovel
Ration Pack
First Aid Kit (right click on other animals/players to heal them!)
Iron Sights

How to Install Battlefield Mod

NOTE: This mod uses an installer. DO NOT PUT THE JAR DIRECTLY IN YOUR MODS FOLDER. If you wish to install it manually or install it on a server, use the ‘Raw file’ download button.
ANOTHER NOTE: If you have Technic and want to install the mod easily, or set up a modded server with the mod, i’ve thrown together a modpack which you can get here!

There are two ways to install the mod. It has an automatic installer. Here is the first method:

1) Download the mod
2) Inside the .zip file, there is a .jar file. Open it (google ‘open jar files on – insert windows/mac here-
3) When it is open, click the big install button
4) Done! To uninstall the mod, do the same, but click Uninstall

If you can’t do that, want to do it the hard way >:) or want to install it on a server, here is the other method:

1) Download the mod, but click on ‘Raw file’ instead of ‘Download mod’
2) Follow the steps to download the .jar file
– Installing in your minecraft –
3) Open run (or press Command-G in finder, on mac), and type:
-WINDOWS- %appdata%
-MACS- ~/Library/Application Support/
4) On windows, go to Roaming>.minecraft, or on a mac, go to minecraft
5) Find a folder called ‘mods’ (or create it if it does not exist)
6) Drag the .jar file you downloaded into the mods folder
– Installing on a server (assuming you have a forge server set up) –
3) Open your server’s folder
4) Drag the .jar file you downloaded into the server’s jar file
5) If the server is running, type ‘stop’ and restart it

Credit to ModMasters for makes this Battlefield Mod

Download Battlefield Mod 1.7.10

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