Minecraft ChocoCraft Mod 1.7.10/1.8.2


Minecraft ChocoCraft Mod 1.7.10/1.8.2

ChocoCraft Mod – Download ChocoCraft Mod for Minecraft. Well hello minecrafters! mod that adds a new mob to Minecraft – Chocobos. The Chocobos can be tamed, saddled, ridden and even bred, and come in various colors. This mod has continue by Torojima, so after long time the original creator not make update, now he have make this for Minecraft. Want to download and install this ChocoCraft Mod ? just see my post below

ChocoCraft Mod Items and Blocks

  • Gysahl Greens – Gysahl Greens are the most important block in ChocoCraft. They are used to tame Chocobos and to create various other greens. Just like flowers, Gysahl Greens will grow randomly across the map and can be collected and even planted again.
  • Raw Chocobo Leg – This piece of meat is dropped by the most unfortunate Chocobos. Just like regular chicken legs, they can be cooked on a furnace.
  • Cooked Chocobo Leg – By eating this yummy chocobo leg, you’ll reduce your famine. A Chocobo Leg reduces famine even more than a cooked chicken leg, healing just as much as a cooked pork chop.
  • Chocobo Feather – Chocobo Feathers are very attractive items to Chocobos. They can be used to build saddles, whistles, and even special types of gysahls. Tamed chocobos will occasionaly drop these. (Recipes will work with feathers of any colour).
  • Chocobo Saddle – Tamed Chocobos can only be ridden once they are saddled with these special saddles.
  • Many More…


ChocoCraft Mod Changelogs

  • added feather drop chance parameters to the config file (increased the drop rate in the default values)
  • shift-click to open pack inventory
  • reduced speed on water for non blue Chocobos
  • introducing coloured feathers
  • removed a bug in the nomenclature of one of the config file entries, pawnMinGroup will now be known as spawnMinGroup Posted Image
  • added pack Chocobos with bigger inventory, but can not be used as mount.
  • added entries for spawn time cycle and spawn threshold to the config file

Big thank and credit must go to Torojima as developers this awesome ChocoCraft Mod. We really appreciate and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, i hope you can make another popular mods in the future like ChocoCraft Mod.

ChocoCraft Mod Installations for Minecraft

  1. Install Minecraft Forge 7+ or later
  2. With Forge installed, put this mod’s .zip file in your minecraft “mods” folder.
  3. Extract the mod zip in a different folder and get the file choco_kweh.ogg from /resources/sounds and put it into the folder minecraft/resources/mod/. (The other extracted files from the zip won’t be needed anymore and can be deleted. Do not delete the zip in the minecraft/mods folder, or if you have extracted the files into the minecraft/mods folder delete them after extracting the sound file. In the minecraft/mods folder only the chococraft_x.x.x_zip file should stay.)

We believe that many of you are already using this ChocoCraft Mod, for this we need help about this Mod latest features and updates details by comment below, or you might want to add any information about ChocoCraft Mod. Please feel free sharing such as tips,trick or even tutorial and do not be hesitate to. Ok guys, see you on next post on another minecraft mod like ChocoCraft Mod

Download ChocoCraft Mod for Minecraft

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