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Minecraft HarvestCraft Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

Minecraft HarvestCraft Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

HarvestCraft Mod List of Normal Crops

Asparagus, Beans, Beet, Broccoli, Celery, Garlic, Ginger, Lettuce, Onion, Peanut, Pineapple, Radish, Rice (plant on water), Sweet Potato, Tea, and Turnip

HarvestCraft Mod List of Re-growth Crops

Bellpepper, Cantaloupe, Chili Pepper, Coffee, Corn, Cucumber, Eggplant, Mustard, Peas, Tomato, and Zucchini

HarvestCraft Mod List of Trees

Apple, Avocado, Banana, Cherry, Cinnamon, Cococnut, Dragonfruit, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Nutmeg, Olive, Orange, Papaya, Peach, Pear, Peppercorn, Plum, Pomegranate, Starfruit, Vanilla Bean, and Walnut

HarvestCraft Mod Installations for Minecraft

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the HarvestCraft Mod zip file
  3. Then drag it over to your mods folder in your minecraft directory (/.minecraft/mods — you can make a mods folder if one does not exist)
  4. Run Minecraft and Enjoy

Before leaving this post, we invite you to share about mod especially for latest HarvestCraft Mod 1.6.4 updates features and any other details about this Mods. You whose already using HarvestCraft Mod, then you can feel free to give comment about tips, trick or better glass comparison. Until next post guys, have fun with this popular HarvestCraft Mod

Complete Recipe List

Download HarvestCraft Mod 1.6.4

Download HarvestCraft Mod 1.7.2


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