Minecraft Hile Cosmetic Wings Mod 1.10.2/1.11 Mod indir


Minecraft Hile Cosmetic Wings Mod 1.10.2/1.11 Mod indir


Info of Cosmetic Wings Mod

All wings can be moved and resized and some wings can also be recoloured. However please note the wings are purely cosmetic and will not allow you to fly. Cosmetic Wings Mod is still in development, and some features might be missing for now. For example there is no way to control the way the wings can be used on a server. If you want to use Cosmetic Wings online you will need to install it on both server and client sides, everyone will see each others wings. The author plans to make it option on the client, just not got around to it yet. You might also be able to create your own custom wings in the future!

How to install Cosmetic Wings Mod in Minecraft

  1. Please get the latest build of Minecraft Forge and install it. Make sure you run Minecraft once after that.
  2. Run Minecraft Launcher, click Edit Profile > Open Game Dir.
  3. It will open root directory of Minecraft. Open Mods folder from there.
  4. Now download the JAR file of Furniture Mod and save the file in the mods folder you just opened.
  5. Re-launch the game, mod will be installed. Enjoy.

Note :

Please back-up your existing World saves, maps before making any changes to the Minecraft

All credit goes to Riskyken for this awesome mod.


Cosmetic Wings Mod 1.10.2

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