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Minecraft ID Resolver 1.4.6 Mod

Minecraft ID Resolver 1.4.6 Mod

ID Resolver 1.4.6 Mod

With ID Resolver Mod you can change it to whatever you want, leave it as what the mod wants, automatically assign it to the first available slot, etc. It saves all the IDs so that in the future it won’t ask you again for that block / item. I will explain the use of each button in order with the screenshots. Big thank and credit to ShaRose for makes this awesome ID Resolver 1.4.6 Mod, you help us with your mod.

ID Resolver 1.4.6 Mod Usage

  • First, on the left you can see how many Block IDs, Item IDs, and Sprite IDs there are left for Minecraft to use.
  • Moving on, you see text describing the block in question. It is unable to get the ingame text version, as this hooks it before anything can be assigned, so class name and mod name will have to do.
  • The next element you see is actually a scroll bar. This is what you can use to choose a new ID, and if it conflicts it will show you what it conflicts with.
  • “Save and Continue loading” saves the currently selected ID and continues loading, obviously.

ID Resolver 1.4.6 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.4.6

  1. Download Minecraft Forge
  2. Download GUI API
  3. Download the ID resolver 1.4.6 Mod
  4. Drag the mod loader files into minecraf.jar
  5. Do the same with the GUI files
  6. Drag the ID resolver files into .minecraft/mods

Download ID Resolver 1.4.6 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.6 (Standard Edition)



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