Minecraft Mods Chat Bubbles 1.7.2/1.6.4


Minecraft Mods Chat Bubbles 1.7.2/1.6.4

Chat Bubbles Mod
This is similar to VoxelChat, but VoxelChat functions best with a server plugin. This has a lot of work on the client side done so that it has a lot better chance of working on servers that don’t use the server plugin. That said, this can use the server plugin too, and VoxelChat will soon get the better client side parsing. When that happens pretty much the only difference will be looks, and this using modloader instead of liteloader. Will decide then whether to even keep this separate

1.Click “Unpatch” to have a fresh copy of the Minecraft.jar
2.Download Modloader and add it (+) with MCPatcherHD
3.Click Patch and make sure Minecraft runs
4.Nagivate to your “.minecraft” folder and locate “Mods” folder
5.Download and place entire zip of “Chat Bubbles” into Mods

Download Chat Bubbles Mod 1.5.1 for Minecraft 1.5.1

Download Chat Bubbles Mod 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2

Download Chat Bubbles Mod 1.6.2 for Minecraft 1.6.1

Download Chat Bubbles Mod 1.6.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4

Download Chat Bubbles Mod 1.7.2 for Minecraft 1.7.2

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