Minecraft NBXlite 1.4.7 Mod


Minecraft NBXlite 1.4.7 Mod

NBXlite 1.4.7 Mod Update

  • Removed most features that old generation doesn’t require
  • No need to change texture pack to switch between generators
  • Terrain generation from 1.8, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2 different versions of Infdev, Indev and Classic
  • Working the End instead of Sky Dimension
  • Sky Dimension as Overworld if selected
  • Server version
  • Buttons for choosing map type in “More options”
  • No GUIAPI and AudioMod dependency.
  • Mob spawning algorithm from beta 1.7.3 for old worlds.
  • Villages are enabled for old worlds.
  • Weather is enabled.

NBXlite 1.4.7 Mod Changelogs

  • Fixed map settings not saving
  • Fixed crash when converting Beta worlds to Anvil
  • 1.8 generator is slightly inaccurate
  • Indev importer fails on custom sky color/brightness etc
  • Gears are corrupted with HD texture packs

NBXlite 1.4.7 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.4.7

Installation for client

  1. Download and install ModLoader and ModLoaderMp
  2. then copy contents of “client” folder from mod zip to minecraft.jar
  3. remove META-INF.
  4. Play Minecraft

Installation for server

  1. Download and install ModLoaderMp
  2. then copy contents of “server” folder from mod zip to minecraft_server.jar.
  3. Play Minecraft

Download NBXlite 1.4.7 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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