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Minecraft New PlasmaCraft 1.5.2 Mod Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/16

Minecraft New PlasmaCraft 1.5.2 Mod Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/16

PlasmaCraft 1.5.2 Mod – Download PlasmaCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2. Hello minecrafters! this mod has been update and working fine with your latest minecraft 1.5.2. PlasmaCraft is a minecraft mod that adds several Caustic Liquids and Ores which can be used for various items . Now this mod has update to PlasmaCraft v0.2.9, do you interesting to install and download this PlasmaCraft 1.5.2 Mod ? just see my post below include installations and download link

PlasmaCraft 1.5.2 Mod Changelogs v0.2.9

    • Updated to MC 1.5.2, MLMP v3, Forge
    • Added specific hardnesses and explosion resistances to the plasma ores.
    • Made the AcidTNT respect other blocks’ explosion resistances.
    • Increased chances for surface caustic lakes. For some reason, only shows when generating frozen cryonite.
    • Slightly increased vein count of most ores.
    • Ores and GlowCloths now in metadata block format.
    • Because of the metadata changes, Obsidium is back to the same resistance as the other ores. Working on getting it back now
    • GlowCloth now comes in 8 colors, one for each type of caustic liquid
    • Mass recoloration of ingots and radionite items:
  • Updated to Forge
  • Breaking frozen cryonite once again yields liquid cryonite in its place
  • Grenades now lob instead of shooting
  • Everything else SHOULD be working like it was

1) to make more sense with the liquids and
2) so Obsidium doesnt get mixed up with oil from any mod.

PlasmaCraft 1.5.2 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.5.2

  1. Back up your Minecraft
  2. Install Minecraft Forge
  3. Download the PlasmaCraft 1.5.2 Mod
  4. Open .minecraft/bin
  5. Open Minecraft.jar
  6. Delete META INF
  7. Run Minecraft to test
  8. Drag all the files from the mod into .jar
  9. Enjoy!

Download PlasmaCraft 1.5.2 Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

PlasmaCraft 1.5.2 Mod

PlasmaCraft 1.5.1 Mod

PlasmaCraft 1.4.7 Mod


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