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Minecraft New Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod Minecraft 1.4.5

Minecraft New Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod Minecraft 1.4.5

Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod Changelogs v1.0.2

  • Added Graves
  • Added new building type
  • Added random rubble piles
  • Changed spawn rates for Oasis.
  • More ruins updates(second layer of walls can randomly be glass, basement traps, chests in basement)
  • Random Oasis(4×4 squares of grass with a tree)

Minecraft Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod

Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod Features

  • No more grass.
  • At Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod all of the grass blocks in the world are replaced with dirt, all the tall grass has turned into dead shrubs. Shrubs now also grow on dirt. Yes, this means no more passive mobs spawn.
  • Changes to trees.
  • At Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod trees have a much lower spawn rate. If a tree does spawn it is more likely to be a big tree then a little tree, and it will have no leaves at all(Unless its at an Oasis, see below). See how long your wood supplies last when you can’t grow trees.
  • No pumpkins, reeds, or flowers.
  • At Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod Pretty self-explanatory. They don’t spawn anymore.
  • No oceans.
  • At Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod No more giant oceans of water for unlimited water supplies. You can however get water from little springs (moving water).
  • Changed sky color.
  • At Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod The sky is now a darker red-ish color.
  • Randomised Oasis!
  • At Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod they say that you must bear the worst of the storm to find the eye. These Oasis are located in deserts, and are small 4×4 squares of grass with a tree, water, and some randomised tall grass and flowers. Use these to help you survive!
  • New ruined houses
  • At Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod now there is a random chance of a ruined house spawning in the world. Think of it as a dungeon with less loot and no spawner. These are completely random and contain things to help you survive.

Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.4.5

  1. extract wasteland mod file
  2. open your minecraft.jar
  3. open your minecraft.jar
  4. delete META-INF
  5. drag and drop all wasteland mod files into the .jar
  6. install minecraft forge (latest version)

Download Wasteland 1.4.5 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5


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