Mineout 1.6.2 Texture Pack


Mineout 1.6.2 Texture Pack

Fan of the Fallout series??? Then this must be the pack you’re looking for! The Mineout Texture Pack! Obviously, this is a texture pack designed after the Fallout series. The texture pack is well-made, clearly projecting the atmosphere and style of the series.

Your Minecraft world will be in a post-apocalyptic feel, just like the one you’ll get from the series. Also, the dull and brown ground texture and nicely designed aesthetics of the wasteland will make your world ever more like the setting from the Fallout series.

Model Replacement:

  • Creepers=Eldritch Abomination-esque Centaurs
  • Librarians=Brotherhood Scribes
  • Priests=Followers of the Apocalypse
  • Farmers=Wasteland Settlers
  • Securitron=Iron Golems

Mineout Texture Pack Version 1.6 v.3 for Minecraft 1.6.2 changelogs

  • Updated a ton of texture packs
  • Support new Minecraft 1.6.2 Textures
  • New music & sounds from fallout
  • Added horses.

How to Install Mineout Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.6.2

  1. Download the Mineout Texture Pack
  2. Download the MCPatcher or Optifine
  3. Do not extract the pack.
  4. Start MCPatcher.
  5. Put a check mark by “HD Textures”.
  6. Patch.
  7. Enjoy!

Download Mineout Texture Pack (16x)

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