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Mmo DOMO – Challenge Bigbeam Bosses!

Mmo DOMO – Challenge Bigbeam Bosses!, the premier destination for Free-to-Play games is offering brand new contents to the DOMO fans.

Two dreadful instance bosses are infesting BigBeam region! If you have the title “Champion of BigBeam” you can challenge boss Bone Fish King and boss Black Magic Tree Fiend.
Great rewards are waiting for fierce warriors!

Change your race! If you ever wished to try another race for a while, all you need is to get a Transform Scroll (lasts 30 minutes):
– Human Transform Scroll
– Sylph Transform Scroll
– Felin Transform Scroll
– Sprite Transform Scroll
– Racial Transform Scroll (you can choose the race you want)

New fabulous boxes to store more of your items are now available!
– Big Magic Giftbox 8
– Magical Accessories Box 8
– Mysterious Stone Box 8
– Amazing Accessories Gift Box 8
– Excellent Materials Gift Box 8
– Excellent Eggsploiter Gift Box 8

A new goodie bag is also available, including the Firefighter costume (both male and female versions).

Finally, the new High Quality Saddle will increase your speed while mounting a Special Riding Pet!

The new update will be available to players after the weekly Wednesday maintenance window on June 10th.
To download and play DOMO visit the game’s official website through


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