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Mmo Onverse

Mmo Onverse

Onverse, or the Online Universe, is a social virtual world. A social world is a world that revolves around hanging out with friends; it’s as simple as that. We built Onverse in this style because it is a great platform to build out from. Why build a world focused on sci-fi, or vehicles, or maybe a western? Why not build a place that you can come back to from any genre of game? This is what this social world platform gives us. We’re the place you always come back to from your adventures to unload your loot, buy stuff and chat with your friends. It also allows us to really connect with our players, because they can have a direct influence on what gets developed and attached. Why would we not listen to people and build what they want? We already know it will be enjoyed.
Status: Open Beta
Official Site: www.onverse.com


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