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New 2010 Club Penguin Mini Game Levels Locked for Non-Members

The new feature Club Penguin brought yesterday, Stamps, have already made some big changes to the whole MMORPG game itself. Most penguins have now noticed that there have been several game levels that are now locked for non-members!

One of the locked levels is DJK3. There used to be 3 play tracks and the rest would be only available for members. Now, Club Penguin has only made the classic disc available for non-members. Check it out below!

That’s not even close to the finish, though. On Catchin’ Waves, the top difficult experiences, Competition and Survival, have now been locked to all non-members. The only levels non-members have access to is Surf Lesson and Freestyle. You are still able to bring your red puffle with you, though.

The third game level that has been locked for non-members is level 2+ of Jet Pack Adventure. You can successfully complete level 1, but if you wish to continue from that stage you will get a membership message. To see the message, view the image below.

The fourth game level that has been locked for non-members is level 11+ on Thin Ice. There are about 20 levels in all, but if you wish to continue after level 10 it will give you another membership message. This time, it shows your points and asks you if you’d like to buy a membership. You can view the membership message image below.

Thin Ice isn’t the only mini-games level in the Dance Lounge that has been locked for non-members. Astro-Barrier decided to share the experience and non-members cannot pass level 5. Levels 6+ are available to only members. You can view the membership message image below.

Finally, the last mini-games level that is blocked is Soda Seas of the game Aqua Grabber. Non-Members can only play Clam Waters, now. You can view this membership message image below.

Have you noticed what 5/6 of these games have in common? They all have a certain achievement in them to earn a stamp. Club Penguin only did this so that way members have their own stamps. So, when they decided to add those 5 games to the stamp list, they had to make some stamps that only members can achieve. Therefore, they had to block some levels. If you are wondering if anymore levels will be locked for non-members, they answer is yes. They will be continuously adding stamps which means they will be adding new stamps to the game collection. Once a new game is available for stamp achievements, they will lock levels from that game.

I agree with the fact that members get more stamps, as all virtual worlds give members more variety then non-members, but to take away game levels? That’s outrageous! Non-members deserve some mini-game fun, too! Yes, you can say I deeply disagree with this upgrade, but they didn’t have much of a choice.. What do you think of this upgrade? Leave a comment and let us know


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