New CityCraft 1.6.2 Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2


New CityCraft 1.6.2 Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2

CityCraft 1.6.2 Texture Pack

Minecraft can be such a beautiful game. The games’ community has built an endless number of buildings, structures, wonders, abstract art, and many enormous creations; cities.

With towering skyscrapers, flashing redstone lamps, deep subway systems, and detailed city centers and services. Sure, some cities are more visually appealing than others, some even recommend the use of a custom texture pack to make their creations look even closer to life. Some cities look decent with the default textures, but it’s all a matter of personal opinion.

But some packs, especially city-themed ones, can capture the personal opinion of a large percentage of its users. The CityCraft Texture Pack aims, and succeeds at doing just that. The CityCraft texture pack re-designs all of the textures in the game, and giving them a revamped, city-style look. Best of all, this texture pack is 100% completed, so that means every block, item, and everything else has been retextured to accompany the new city-like feel! Now, your towers can look more like towers, your roads more like roads, and your entire city more like a real city. Now, let your imagination run wild, dive into these new textures, and watch your city unfold into an entirely new creation!

CityCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2 Main Features

  • 16×16 Resolution
  • City-themed textures
  • Beautiful captivation of a city feel
  • Turns your vanilla-city into a completely new experience
  • The pack is 100% completed!

CityCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2 Pros and Cons

  • Pros: 16×16 resolution, and a brand new city-themed experience
  • Cons: Some users may prefer the default textures over this pack for their city

How to Install CityCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2

  1. Download the CityCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2
  2. Go to your Start menu, search %appdata%, and go to your Roaming folder
  3. Navigate to .minecraft>resourcepacks
  4. Drag and Drop the downloaded pack into your resourcepacks folder
  5. Enjoy your brand new city experience!

Download CityCraft Texture Pack (16x)

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