Perşembe , Ekim 28 2021

New Club Penguin’s Server Blizzard Popularity Glitch

As you know, Club Penguin’s top servers are and always have been Blizzard, Frozen and Mammoth. They usually either have 4 -5 green bars, or they’re full. For the passed month, I’ve been logging in Club Penguin and noticing that one of those popular servers, Blizzard, have contained a minor glitch. Despite how many penguins are online, it remains at one green bar. You can check out the glitch below.

Some people think penguins are just not visiting Blizzard anymore, but that’s not the case. The first page usually is the most popular. Even if less people visited, it would be around the 3 green bars. Secondly, when you login the server Blizzard it’s as usual, packed with penguins. Now, notice the second glitch. When the server is full it remains at one green bar, but the server just doesn’t load. You can check out this part of the glitch in an image below.

The bottom line is Blizzard does work. It’s still it’s popular self, but for some odd reason the server remains at 1 green bar. Do you think Club Penguin has noticed this and do you think they will fix it soon? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!


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