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New Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard Caption Contest Winner!

Two weeks ago, we had a little fun and decided to have a Caption Contest just for you guys! To view the contest rules and other information, click here. If you do not know what a Caption Contest is, it’s a type of fun contest where you must fill in the empty speech bubble in a certain picture shown with the funniest message you can. Our picture featured my penguin, Matthew722, at the Dojo Courtyard watching a blank film. You can check out our Caption Contest’s picture below.

A week later, we had 10 finalists that was chosen by me. It was a very hard choice since I got over 2,000 entries, but I had to make a choice. To view those 10 finalists, you can check out their penguin name and their caption below.

Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard Contest 10 Finalists

1. Sheeny9 said:

Matthew722: When they said this movie would darken your mind, they weren’t kidding.

2.  Coolman800 said:

Matthew722: Gary, can’t you get anything to work without it breaking again!

3. Mrswiggles10 said:

Matthew722: Ouch, I didn’t know that the fire was gonna be a 3-D effect!

4. Berries30009 said:

Matthew722: All I wanted to see was “Life of a Blind Penguin!

5. 71nedloh said:

Matthew722: When does a penguin have two flippers down and a huge frown? When they see this screen!

6. Luke234 said:

Matthew722: Hmm… This “on” button looks suspicious.

7. flippy1899 said:

Matthew722: Hmm… Where did I put that lens cover?

8. Bluey Master said:

Matthew722: When will “Closed for Winter” start?

9. kristin94456 said:

Matthew722: Hmm… I wonder what it would be like if I pushed the “ON” button..

10. Candoose said:

Matthew722: I hope my drill can fix this!

There obviously couldn’t be 10 winners. So, we made a poll. The poll featured each penguin’s name. Your job was to vote for the best caption of the 10. After one whole week of voting and over 3,000 votes, we have our winner who will win an exclusive VIP Party with the one and all, Chrisdog93! Below is our Club Penguin Dojo Courtyard Caption Contest winner. Good luck!


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