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New Club Penguin EPF Field Op #38 Cheats

New Club Penguin EPF Field Op #38 Cheats

Hello, penguins! Club Penguin EPF Field Op #38 is here. Agents can get a medal, after finishing every Field Op. Moreover, members can buy Elite Gear with the medals. Check the Club Penguin Cheats out!
First of all, you should go to the EPF Command Room by clicking on the yellow button of your Spy Phone. Then find the Screen said “Field Ops”.
Club Penguin EPF Field Op 38 Cheats

You should click on it and accept the Field Op.
Field Op 38 Gary says

Next, go to the Cave by the Spy Phone. When you stand by the white window, you’ll hear the Spy Phone ring.
Field Op 38 Cave

Answer it to see the mini game. I think you’ve played the game before.
Field Op 38 games rules

Check out the mini game!
Field Op 38 game

Rookie will give you a message. Have a look.
Field Op 38 message


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