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New Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 7 Cheats

Due to the stamps being released, Club Penguin has delayed the newest Field-Ops and has been released today. Yet another devious plan by the one and all, Herbert, has come and we must solve it. To complete this week’s Field-Ops, please read below.

First of all, click your EPF phone located at the bottom left corner, above the Map. Once you’ve clicked it, there will be a notification that the new Field-Ops is out and it is your duty to solve it. Therefore, click ‘Go there’. If you do not have an EPF phone, you can get one by successfully completing the test at the Every Day Phoning Facility located in the Ski Village.

Click the yellowish screen on the right of the EPF Headquarters. Gary will give you a hint of where the Field-Ops is located. Make sure to click “Accept Field-Op” before searching, or else your EPF phone will not detect the device even if you are right next to it. This Field-Op mission is next to the On/Off switch in the giant light bulb, located at the Beacon. If you still can’t find it, view the image below.

Now that you are at the mission, you must complete it. To complete the Field-Ops #7, you have to move the electrical remote control towards the chips without getting electrocuted several times. After a while, you must go back to the Recharger to recharge your battery, so you can power-up the chips. Note to recharge the last chip you must obtain the key, first. If you are still confused a tad, view the image below for a better view of what you have to.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Field-Ops #7, your reward is once again one medal. With this medal, you can buy some sweet EPF gear! There will be a new Field-Op every Monday, so be ready! I find this Field-Ops was exciting considering it was a bit harder than the others. What do you think, though? Leave a comment and let us know!


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