Perşembe , Ekim 28 2021

New Club Penguin January 2010 Better Igloos Sneak Peeks!

We decompiled the Club Penguin Times newspaper and made some great discoveries! There are four new Better Igloos catalog items that we managed to get pictures of.

The new items include a stone blue chair, a blue/green lamp, a green table, and a red chair. These items seem very unique. Looks like Club Penguin is going back to the caveman era for the furniture catalog! What do you think about the Better Igloos sneak peek?

Thanks to Jmann93 and Eunes for the tips.


Club Penguin Kodları

Club Penguin Kodları Merhaba arkadaslar Club Penguin oyununa iat hile kodları aradısanız dogru yere geldiniz …

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