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New Club Penguin Moss Key Pin Cheat! 2010

Here’s how to find the new Club Penguin moss key pin:

1. Open your map and go to the Mine Shack.
2. Go inside the Mine.
3. Click on the Puffle Rescuing Game.
4. Click on the black puffle (members only).

In level 1 you will meet the squid. Follow the squid to find to enter the underwater Room.To get air be sure to be in a bubble when it popps.

The squid will take you to this other place and there you will find the Secret Entrance.

Congratulations, you’ve found the black puffles secret entrance!

5. Go to the Underground.
6. Go to the Underground Hidden Lake.
7. Go to the Underwater.

Here’s what it looks like when you pick up the moss key pin:

Congratulations, you’ve found the new Club Penguin Moss Key pin!


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