Pazartesi , Kasım 28 2022

New Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Stamps

Club Penguin has released the Mountain Expedition. As a result, they’ve added 2 new stamps, too! The new stamps are yellow coloured, meaning they are a medium challenge. To see them, view the instructions below.

  • Open up your Stamp Book
  • Click the “Events” section.
  • Click the “Party section”

How to get the stamps

Happy room: Smile with a complete 10 penguins in 1 room.

Party Puzzle: Members only; solve 1 puzzle at a party.

I find it’s pretty cool Club Penguin added limited time only stamps for each party, don’t you find? I wanna know, what stamps would you like to see added to the Party section? Leave a comment and let us know!


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