Salı , Ekim 19 2021

New Club Penguin Night Club Features!

A few days ago on the Club Penguin Blog, Billybob mentioned something about the Night Club. He told us to bring some friends along with us. It turns out that there is almost like a new party at the Night Club, but it’s a little tricky to make it into a party!

Here’s how to add all sorts of new decorations to the Night Club, including plenty of flashing lights and a disco ball.

With a few buddies that join you at the Night Club, you won’t be able to do this! It will only work with a large amount of penguins on the dance floor. After around 10 – 20 penguins join you at the Night Club, you will be able to see all kinds of new things!

There’s a disco ball, flashing lights, and even the dance floor changes color schemes! This isn’t exactly what I expected at the Night Club today, but I guess it’s normal for it to have these new things, right? Let me know what you think of all of the new features!


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