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New Club Penguin Sled Racing Glitch – How to do the Sled Racing Glitch! 210

There’s a new Club Penguin Glitch on Club Penguin! Here is how to do the Sled Racing Glitch:

1. Click on the map in the upper left.
2. Go to the Ski Hill.
3. Go to the Penguin Run Truck of Sled Racing.

Sled Glitch

4. You should wait until you see the fourth penguin getting on.
5. Click on the Penguin Mail.
6. While your Penguin Mail is open, you will hear Club Penguin Music only if you are Sled Racing.
7. Click on a postcard that will take you to another room, you can do this only if you hear Sled Racing Music!

8. You should be located in the room of the postcard that you clicked.
9. Go to the Ski Hill again.
10. Go to the Penguin Run Truck of Sled Racing again.
11. You will be sled racing again while your Penguin Mail will be open.

12. Close the Penguin Mail and you will be slide racing at someone else (another penguin).

Congratulations, you have done the New Club Penguin Sled Racing Glitch!


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