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New Club Penguin Time Issue #284 Cheats

New Club Penguin Time Issue #284 Cheats

Here is Club Penguin Time Issue #284. You can get a lot of informations from it. And I’ve excerpt the main events for you. Check them out!
Explore The Box Dimension
Thanks to a bumbling agent, new areas of the Box Dimension have been opened. One expert is mapping out the entire Box Dimension! The expert has a big job ahead of him. Diligent Agents have investigated and declared the rooms fit for public access during the party. Explore the new Box Dimension rooms by heading to the Snow Forts!
Club Penguin Time Issue 284 Cheats

St. Patrick’s Igloo Contest
The results for the St. Patrick’s Igloo contest are in! Our two judges, Rookie and Aunt Arctic, have picked the first ten Grand Prize Winners and ten Runners-up. Grand Prize Winners will each receive 50,000 coins, and Runners-up will receive 25,000 coins. Congratulations to all out winners!
Grand Prize Winners: Waterfall612, Nickduck, Truckdriver5, Bloosom643, Webby88, Des Pancake, Titan00001, Squirtle9296, Bluelorax, Spartan Man9
Runners-up: Dimitriugly, Limelem, Star4793, Caolan9036, Taylor1707, John Cena922, Soccerspike, Sillybubbley, Jwrocks, Mtag12
St Patricks Igloo Contest

Starting April 1  More Igloo Winners: See more St. Patrick’s Day winners in the newspaper!
Starting April 1  Pay Day: Tour Guides: Check your mailboxes for your monthly paycheck.
Starting April 15 at the Stage  Norman Swarm’s Been Transformed Shrink down and make friends with some bugs!
Club Penguin Time Issue 284 Upcoming Evnets


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