Çarşamba , Aralık 7 2022

New Club Penguin Times Issue #252!

Club Penguin has released a brand new issue of the Club Penguin Times and here is a full review with the main headlines.

Club Penguin’s famous Mountain Expedition will be arriving on August 13 and penguins are going to be stunned!

Penguins are preparing for the climb of their lives! Starting August 13 the Mountain Expedition begins, which will test even the greatest climbing experts on the island.

Later in the newspaper, Club Penguin talks about penguin igloos and how they enjoy decorating them!

Igloos are an important part of life on Club Penguin. Those new to the island may not know about some of the cool designs available.

At the end of the newspaper, Club Penguin give us hints about upcoming events. Here are the upcoming events:

  • August 12: New pin!
  • August 20: New Better Igloos catalog, New Igloo Music, New Penguin Mail Postcards!
  • August 27: Squizoid VS Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl play returns to the Stage.

Well, the Mountain Expedition starts soon and this is going to be great! Be the first to know about the expedition and leave your thoughts in a comment below!


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