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New DotA 6.77 Map Download (News)

New DotA 6.77 Map Download (News)

 DotA 6.77 Map Download (News)

DotA 6.77 is going to be the next map of IceFrog’s DotA series. The past versions have brought a significant number of changes to every hero. We have seen total remakes, item tweaks and modified game mechanics that made games quicker and more ganking based. Now, the version 6.77 will definitely put some balance to it and fill empty tavern slots with new heroes.

Here are some potential Warcraft 3 models which are not implemented in DotA yet!

Kodo %28WC3%29 DotA 6.77 Map Download (News)

1. Ragnar, The Kodo Rider

Can be a Sentinel strength hero with tanking abilities like Centaur Warchief. Kodo Rider model was once added in beta test version but couldn’t make its way to official map.

turtle war3 DotA 6.77 Map Download (News)

2. Giant Turtle

Good model for a scourge strength/agility hero with good DPS skills, can act as a carry for a team.

human marine DotA 6.77 Map Download (News)

3. Human Marine

All time favourite TFT model, can act like a Soldier of the Ancients. Bringing some first person shooter action to DotA!

Makrura DotA 6.77 Map Download (News)

4. Makrura

From the famous clan of Broodmother and Nerubian Weaever. This could a be nice addition for Scourge Strength tavern. Can act as semi-carry for a team with ganking abilities.

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