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New FarmVille – How to Get More Neighbors to Expand Your Farm


You can be an old hand at FarmVille or a newbie, the fact of the matter is that if your goal is to build a profitable and quickly expanding farm, you must learn how to get more FarmVille neighbors for your farm.

If you don’t know anything about this popular online game, chances are you’ll be questioning why the success of your farm depends on you getting more FarmVille neighbors. The reason is simple, in order to be able to grow your FarmVille farm, you absolutely need a specific number of neighbors to do that.

Everyone that signs up for a FarmVille account gets one 12 by 12 space and your journey into how to find additional FarmVille neighbors begins. Your FarmVille farm can be only be expanded two ways. One, you’ll be able to get additional land using your coins only if you have managed to get enough neighbors or you will be able to use real, green money if you want. But, in my opinion using real money would be crazy because it’s just a game. But that is still a real option.

Wanting to make your farm bigger is expensive and will mean that you need to find more neighbors. Some players just enjoy having a small farm but eventually most people want to quickly grow their farms to compete with their friends and neighbors. So the quest to figure out how to get more FarmVille neighbors begins in earnest.

Why You Want To Start Building Up Your Neighbors:
– Neighbors’ assist you in gaining more levels.
– Allow you to grow your farm more quickly.
– Give you gifts.
– Assist you in gathering coins to buy items for your farm.

So it goes without saying that your FarmVille neighbors are not just your friends. You need them in order to allow you to begin leveling up, obtaining ribbons and acquiring additional coins to buy things with. You’re able to visit your neighbors’ farms and offer to help them out when they are not on the farm. Assisting your neighbors earns you coins and experience points.

So, you might be asking how do you go about getting more neighbors?
– Ask your existing neighbors if they are aware of someone in need of additional neighbors.
– Put up a note on your Facebook wall that you want to add more neighbors to your farm.
– You can invite your friends to join FarmVille – all they have to do is install the application; they don’t even have to play.
– There are also lists you can join of people wanting new neighbors – just go under forums on
FarmVille – Just look for lists of people in the forum section wanting new neighbors.

How much you can expand your farm is tied directly to how many neighbors you have and how many coins you have. So that is why it is so important to learn how to add neighbors to your farm as quickly as possible.

You have to remember that before a person can become your neighbor on FarmVille, they have to be listed as your friend on Facebook. So you will need to add them first or they won’t show up as your neighbor.


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