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New Minecraft Super Mario 1.4.5 Mod Minecraft 1.4.5

New Minecraft Super Mario 1.4.5 Mod Minecraft 1.4.5

Super Mario 1.4.5 Mod Blocks

  • Ground Block
  • Brick Block
  • Decoration Block
  • Underground Ground Block
  • Underground Brick Block
  • Underground Decoration Block
  • Underwater Ground Block
  • Underwater Plant
  • Snow Ground Block
  • Castle Brick Block
  • Castle Wall Block
  • ?-Block (Drops random items!)
  • Cloud Block
  • Invisible Block (For building 2D-Levels)
  • All blocks of “Super Mario Bros. 1″.
  • They all can be harvested with a hammer, and only with a hammer!

Super Mario 1.4.5 Mod Items

  • A Super Mushroom heals 5 hearts.
  • A 1-Up-Mushroom heals 10 hearts!
  • You can shoot fireballs with a Fireflower, like ghasts do it.
  • You can throw a Bob-Omb and … BOOM!
  • The Starman turns off all damage for about 30 seconds and allows you to kill mobs instantly by touching them.
  • The POW-Block produces an earthquake, that moves nearby enemies upwards and damages them a lot.
  • You can get coins by smelting gold ingots or by mining ?-Blocks.
  • 5 * 1 Coin = 5 Coins
  • 4 * 5 Coins = 20 Coins
  • 5 * 20 Coins = 100 Coins -> 1-Up-Mushroom!

Big thank and credit must go to Jimboom7 as developers this awesome Super Mario 1.4.5 Mod. We really appreciate your mod and enjoy playing minecraft with this mod, i hope you can make another popular mods in the future like Super Mario 1.4.5 Mod

Super Mario 1.4.5 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.4.5

1) Download Minecraft Forge (Recommended version)
2) Open your minecraft.jar / minecraft_server with 7-Zip, Winrar, or whatever you prefer.
3) Drag all Forge files into your minecraft.jar. / minecraft_server.jar
4) Delete the META-INF folder (Only do this for minecraft.jar)
5) Run Minecraft / Minecraft Server once to let Forge create some folders and close it after it has started.
6) Download this Super Mario Mod
7) Drag the zip folder into the “mods” folder
8) Have fun!
9) If necessary you can change the Block- and Item-IDs in the config file.


  1. Download ModLoaderMP Server
  2. Open your minecraft_server.jar with 7-Zip, Winrar, or whatever you prefer.
  3. Drag all ModLoaderMP files into your minecraft.jar.
  4. Download the Super Mario Mod server software
  5. Drag the files into your minecraft_server.jar

Download Super Mario 1.4.5 Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5


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