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New Minema 1.5.2 Mod Minecraft 1.5.2

New Minema 1.5.2 Mod Minecraft 1.5.2

Minema 1.5.2 Mod Usage

  • To start and stop a recording session, simply press F4. The key can be configured in the key bindings menu. A “plop” sound indicates the start of a new recording session.
  • To capture a single frame with the current settings, press Ctrl + F4. This is basically the same as pressing F2 with some graphical enhanced, such as an increased entity rendering distance. It can also be used in combination with tiled rendering to render very large screenshots.
  • On default, audio is captured automatically after the recording session ended.
  • Note: you must set your default recording device to self-recording for correct audio capture (usually called “Stereo Mix” or “What U Hear”). In case it didn’t work correctly and you want to retry sound capture, press Shift + F4.

Minema 1.5.2 Mod Changelogs

  • Added two rendering options to change the entity rendering distance and the particle limit.
  • Re-enabled multiplayer support with limited options.
  • Limited amount of sounds played simultaneously in one frame for sound recording.
  • Fixed some sound recording bugs.
  • Fixed uncaught exception on encoder startup errors.
  • Fixed uncaught exception when changing window size during recording.
  • Fixed sound logging and capturing sill being enabled when capture.sound.enabled is set to false.
  • Fixed overlay always being recorded to video even if overlay.embed is set to false.

Minema 1.5.2 Mod Installations for Minecraft 1.5.2

  1. Download and Install ModLoader
  2. x264 bundle: Extract the content of the zip file to your .minecraft directory. The zip file within this zip file inside the folder “mods” must not be extracted!
  3. Standalone: Move the zip file to .minecraft/mods. Don’t extract the file!
  4. Don’t forget to remove the old installation when updating!
  5. Play Minecraft

Download Minema 1.5.2 Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

Minema v2.0 (x264 bundle, Windows only) – for direct MP4 encoding

Minema v2.0 (ffmpeg bundle, Mac OS X 10.6+ only) – for direct MP4 encoding

Minema v2.0 (standalone, any OS)


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