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New Sensei Tracker Penguin

Below are many tips to find Sensei on Club Penguin:

1. The Sensei tracker above is highly accurate and updates the room and server Sensei was last seen in. Click here to refresh the Sensei tracker!

2. Sensei usually logs into the crowded servers during peak hours of the day. Sensei visits the less crowded servers during hours when less penguins are online.

3. Sensei is most commonly seen on Mammoth, Blizzard, and Frozen. Check these servers first. Sensei most commonly is found in exclusive party rooms including the Dojo, Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout, and the Tallest Mountain.

4. Sensei is usually online when he visits Club Penguin, but is not on when Club Penguin support is closed. If you notice a server that usually is not crowded suddenly get crowded, check this server for Sensei.

5. Sensei is a gray penguin with a gray beard, and a brown rice hat. If you find him on Club Penguin, click on him to view his player card.

6. If you do find Sensei on Club Penguin, click on the free gift button on the far right for Sensei’s autographed background.

7. Sensei is always very crowded when he is online. Be sure to check the users in room list instead of searching for his in the room. The users in room list is alphabetized and easier to search through.

8. Sensei changes servers every 15 minutes. This means you will have to find Sensei fast and check this page for updates. Click here to refresh this page.

9. Finding Sensei takes a lot of patience. Use my tracker and with some time you will find Sensei. Sensei may be on multiple servers at the same time.

10. For more info on Sensei Club Penguin, visit the Sensei page. Click here to go to the Sensei page!

11. Visit for the official Sensei tracker. The page will load faster, so you can get into the room before it gets full.

12. Updates on Twitter will be posted whenever Sensei is found on Club Penguin. Follow Chrisdog93 on Twitter to receive a message whenever Sensei is spotted. Click here to follow Chrisdog93 on Twitter!


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