NU: Carnival – Bliss Ally Tier List for February 2024

NU: Carnival – Bliss, a captivating fantasy role-playing game skillfully crafted by DarkWind. In this enchanting world, characters come to life with unique abilities, each contributing to the delicate balance of power. Our NU: Carnival – Bliss Tier List offers insights into each ally’s strengths, aiding you in building a formidable team for the adventures that lie ahead.

NU: Carnival – Bliss Tier List for February 2024: Best Allies Ranked

To simplify, allies are sorted into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This makes it easy to understand each ally’s potential, helping you decide who to choose for your adventure. While it’s a useful reference, keep in mind that your gameplay approach can influence how these dynamics unfold.

Tier Striker Guardian Support Healer Saboteur
Strong (S) Fateful Aegis Yakumo,
Mauve Mayhem Morvay,
Shadow Lineage Yakumo,
Unique Mission Blade,
Truth Seeker Rei,
Silver Confessor Olivine,
Binary Starlight Garu,
Salacious King Eiden

Faraway Wish Olivine,
Blazing Coliseum Dante,
Buckeye Miracle Quincy

Snow Patrol Quincy,
Galactic Mist Eiden,
Captive Star Olivine,
Flaming Secret Edmond,
Tranquil Cloud Edmond,
Blossoming Legend Quincy,
Ethereal Guardian Garu
Treatymaker Dante,
Scarlet Finesse Aster,
Good (A) Radiant Admiral Olivine,
Idol Apprentice Blade,
Sweet Aroma Edmond,
Eternal Hanabi Dante,
Distant Promice Quincy,
Elite Instructor Edmond,
Arctic Warden Quincy,
Afternoon Daze Kuya,
Crystal Awakening Blade,
Dark Nova Yakumo,
Aromatic Exotica Kuya,
Scorching Sun Dante,
Homecoming Yakumo,
Knightly Knight Edmond,
Ancient Ceremony Quincy,
Master’s Gift Garu,
Explosive Recall Blade,
Midnight Owl Rei,
Cocoa Liqueur Yakumo,
White Lover Edmond,
Endless Banquet Garu
Spring Chaos Edmond,
Forgotten Fruit Garu,
Rainy Rebirth Rei
Icy Equilibrium Dante,
Aqua Bloom Olivine,
Ocean Breeze Yakumo,
Howling Cyclone Garu
Holy Confession Olivine,
Lakeside Spark Kuya,
Frosted Virtue Olivine
Fallen Leaves Kuya,
Kitsune Dream Kuya,
Lovable Enforcer Blade,
Average (B) Familiar Aster,
Vice-Captain Edmond,
Forest Guardian Quincy,
Wild Wolf Garu,
E-Droid Blade,
Sun Lord Dante,
Familiar Morvay, Man of God Olivine,
Apathetic Outside Kuya
Shadow Serpent Yakumo, Foxy Rogue Kuya,
Gemstone Expert Rei,
Smoked Timber Quincy,

Best Allies in NU: Carnival – Bliss for February 2024

Best Striker Ally – Fateful Aegis Yakumo

Fateful Aegis Yakumo earns his rank as one of the best strikers in NU: Carnival – Bliss thanks to his outstanding skills. Fateful Encounter amps up his attack while healing the party based on his strength.

NU Carnival - Bliss Fateful Aegis Yakumo
Image via DarkWind

With Century of Longing, he boosts healing and damage when paired with water characters and striker allies. Notably, his Sleep Immunity ensures he stays active in battles, making him a dependable and powerful choice for any team.

Best Guardian Ally – Faraway Wish Olivine

Faraway Wish Olivine earns her place as one of the top guardians in NU: Carnival – Bliss thanks to her outstanding skills. She delivers a strong attack with increased water damage and reduces the damage she takes. Olivine also provides the entire party with a shield.

NU Carnival - Bliss Faraway Wish Olivine
Image via DarkWind

Her skill, Escaping Cage, boosts the shield effect based on the number of water characters in the party and offers damage reduction with multiple striker allies. Additionally, Olivine grants silence immunity. These abilities collectively make her a formidable guardian, combining offensive strength, defensive prowess, and strategic utility.

Best Support Ally – Snow Patrol Quincy

Snow Patrol Quincy shines as top support in NU: Carnival – Bliss thanks to its potent skills. With Guard Precious Time, it shields the party from damage, boosts healing for turns, and raises attack power.

NU Carnival - Bliss Snow Patrol Quincy
Image via DarkWind

Meanwhile, Rewarding Adventure enhances attack for all healer allies and the whole party. With the bonus of paralysis immunity, Snow Patrol Quincy becomes a reliable choice for bolstering your team’s strength and resilience.

Final Thoughts

In the lively world of NU: Carnival – Bliss, the characters offer a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience. From strong Strikers to essential Healers and sturdy Tanks, each ally brings a unique touch to your journey.

The tier list, exclusively including SR and above characters, serves as a helpful guide, highlighting their strengths and roles. Dive into the adventure, mix and match, and let the characters of NU: Carnival – Bliss enrich your gaming experience with their unique abilities and personalities. Remember, your gameplay approach can influence how these dynamics unfold.

What do you think about this NU: Carnival – Bliss Ally Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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