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Online Fantasy Tennis

Online Fantasy Tennis

Fantasy Tennis is a 3D anime inspired Tennis MMO. Simple controls and plenty of game modes make Fantasy Tennis the PC equivalent of Mario Tennis. With bonus features including tournaments, house decoration, pets, emblems to collect, and a lengthly single player, there is plenty here to keep players entertained.

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Fantasy Tennis Overview and Features:


Thousands of years ago, when gods still ruled the world, there were nine gods to rule the world of Gaia and keep peace. However the gods were disunited due to greed and a fight over power. Goddess Isis tried to resolve the conflict in a peaceful way but she was betrayed by the evil gods and banished. She created her own world, FantasyLand, where people can live in peace. To protect them, she set up eight guardians who should keep intruders from entering FantasyLand. Ever since then, the goddess Isis holds a tennis tournament once a year and grants its winner one wish.

Game Modes

Basic Mode
In Basic Mode points are distributed similar to standard tennis rules. For the sake of not making every match last eternally, the rules have been changed slightly. So all tennis pros, don’t be surprised!

Battle Mode
Battle Mode is a match mode where items will appear which can be used for defense or offense and may influence the match’s tournout.

Battlemon Mode
In Battlemon Mode, Double games can only be played with a real opponent. Your Battlemon will then be your Double partner.

Chat Mode
Along with the match rooms, there are also chat rooms in the lobby. You can either enter an existing chatroom or create a new one. When creating, you can chose a name and determine whether your room is public or protected by password. You can also specify the number of players, 8 or 16 and chose whether you want your room to be a House Room (more on House Chats). A Chatroom always takes place on one of the known tennis courts which can be chosen as well.

House Mode
House Chat is just like a normal chatroom, but it offers additional activities.

Quest Mode
Quest Mode will offer various minigames and modes.


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