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Online Freestyle Street Basketball

Online Freestyle Street Basketball

Freestyle Street Basketball
FreeStyle Street Basketball developed by JCEntertainment is a fact-paced MMO basketball game where players meet from around the country to challenge each other on the court. Its first service was commenced in Korea on December, 2005. Being serviced in number of countries since then, it has more than 10 million registered users.

Status: Final
Official Site:

Freestyle Street Basketball Overview and Features:

The World’s First Online Street Basketball Game, FreeStyle!

FreeStyle is the world’s first street based online basketball game. Experience the street style basketball moves and motions you haven’t been able to see in other similar basketball games.
Enjoy the Groove of Hip-Hop and Street Basketball in FreeStyle!

Throw away the uniform and come to the playground for some street basketball fun!

FreeStyle is All About ‘Freedom’ and ‘Youth’! Experience the unique fashion of players, graffiti on the courts and youngsters dancing on the beat of hip-hop music. Everything expresses the will to be young and free.

Moves and Skills of Your Imagination come True in FreeStyle! Skills in FreeStyle are dynamic and fun to play and watch. Get out of the ordinary moves and experience the extreme skills of street balling!



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