Origines of Rome Resource Pack 1.8.1 Minecraft Hile indir


Origines of Rome Resource Pack 1.8.1 Minecraft Hile indir

Origines of Rome Resource Pack is meant to bring the luxuries of ancient Rome to the Conquest resource pack, which provides stellar textures for natural objects and many construction materials. Many Conquest textures are replaced, such as the stained clay and wool textures.

Alongside the Conquest texturepack, Origines of Rome aims to allows users to achieve a range of Roman settings, from a rich patrician’s resort to a poor plebeian’s apartment.


  • New dry grass biomes for Mediterranean climates, River/Ocean and Birch Forest
  • Carpets fixed
  • Quartz slabs fixed,
  • Dark oak has been changed to a marble texture that can simulate many aspects of Roman architecture (ie: capitals, architraves, friezes).
  • Netherrack and soulsand are now smooth blocks of sandstone.
  • New Iron door texture
  • New Redstone lamp texture
  • New Noteblock texture

Many thank and credit must go to Origines as developer this Origines of Rome Resource Pack. We really enjoy playing your minecraft and i hope you can make another popular texture pack in the future like Origines of Rome Resource Pack

How to install Minecraft Origines of Rome Resource Pack

1. Download the desired version of Origines of Rome.
2. Download the corresponding version of Conquest.
3. Drag both versions into the resourcepack folder located in the .minecraft folder.
4. Start Minecraft and go into the resourcepack menu.
5. Click on the arrows pointing to the right for both OOR and Conquest.
6. Make sure OOR is above Conquest in the loadorder presented on the right side of the window.
7. Click on done and let minecraft load the textures!

REMINDER: For the best experience install either OPTIFINE or MCPATCHER! There might be issues without!

[32x] Download Origines of Rome Resource Pack 1.7.10

[32x] Download Origines of Rome Resource Pack 1.8

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