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Pokemon Go location ( Lokasyon ) Hile Smooth Method

Pokemon go location ( Lokasyon ) Hile Smooth Method


Merhaba arkadaslar Pokemon Go  oyununda isteginiz her yerde Pokemon tutabileceginiz

yeni bri hiledir. ama bu hileyi kullanabilmeniz için telefonunuzun Rootlu olması

gerekiyor eger telefonunuz Rootlu degilse denemeyiniz eger bir arkadasınızın telefonu rootlu ise

onda deneyebilirsiniz. Pokemon Go  oyununda kullanabilleceginiz hilenin kullanımı için asagıdaki

vermiş oldugumuz vidoeyu izlemeniz yeterlidir.


Q: I keep teleporting back and forth from my real location and the fake location, why?`
A: your phone is picking some real GPS signal! go on the ground floor of your house or anyway hide from the signal!
A2: set the update interval of the fake gps app to a low value! (100 or even lower!)

Q: I can’t catch any Pokemons or pokeballs, why?
A: you are most likely on a cooldown because you teleported too far or have used other non-legit ways of playing. Wait a while or create a new account.

Q: I don’t want to risk getting banned for cheating! what do I do?
A: cheating ALWAYS comes with risks, if you are not willing to take some risks then don’t cheat, otherwise create another account.

Q: the app disappears when i move it to system app
A: You need to restart your phone!
A2: something is wrong with your super user (root) app, try updating super su or try other methods of moving the app to system app

Q: do i still need mock locations or the module mock mock locations?
A: NO! absolutely not. this method works flawlessly because it doesn’t require any of these.


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