Push Escape v 1.03 Hileli APK Mod indir


Push Escape v 1.03 Hileli APK Mod indir



★ 11 Dominos made in 11 perfect laws of physics

★ Over 200 stages to challenge (Frequent updates)

★ As you go on to the next stages, new types of Dominos appear

★ Realistic graphics and 3D animations

★ 5 Different beats from global sounds

★ 5 Genres of dancing character animations (Breakdance, Hip-hop, Locking, House, Poppin’)

★ New Genre in Puzzles


11 Types of Dominos:
★ Regular Domino – Regular dominos. Apply force and they knock over. If they fall to the next domino, it will knock the other domino over.

★ Final Domino – This is the final domino that needs to get knocked over for you to complete the mission. This one is fixed; you can’t move it.

★ Infinite Domino – Infinite dominos move forward continuously until it meets the next Regular domino.

But Wall Dominos, Bomb Dominos, Terrain Dominos, Up Dominos, Delay Dominos cannot stop the Infinite Dominos.

★ Wall Domino – These Wall Dominos cannot be knocked over. It repels any dominos and bounces them back. Even if these don’t fall over, you can still complete the mission.

★ Up Domino – Up Dominos ‘go up!’ They climb up and fall down when they meet the ground above.

★ Ground Domino – Ground Dominos turn into ground and create land.

★ Split Domino – If a domino falls down into another domino from the ground above, the bottom domino splits into two ways.

★ Bomb Domino – Kaboom! Bomb dominos will blow up the ground!

★ Delay Domino – When applied force, Delay Dominos fall down slowly, not right away.

★ Vanish Domino – Vanish Dominos disappear into thin air when applied force.

Push&Escape v 1.03 Mod Apk (Unlocked)

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