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Quake Live

Quake Live (formerly known as Quake Zero) is a first-person shooter video game project from id Software. Focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game, so as to nudge the game into succeeding its predecessor Quake III Arena as a “major league” FPS eSports competition game. Every element of the experience, including friends lists and communication, sponsored events and tournaments, matchmaking, stats tracking, and even the game itself is accessed and delivered free of charge through the web browser.
Status: Open Beta
Official Site:
Quake Live Overview and Features:

  • A 100% free arena shooter created and supported by id Software.
  • Beginner to Pro – Easily play against others at YOUR skill level.
  • Over 25 arenas and 4 game modes for endless competition.
  • Practice and compete offline against automated bot players.

After creating a free account, Quake Live requires the installation of a simple plug-in. Once it has been installed, the game can be launched from most available web browsers. From there, the core game installs in the background while you’re given time to choose your character skin and tweak other settings such as controls, audio, and the color of your railgun beams.

Quake Live runs on a slightly updated version of the id Tech 3 engine, but the focus remains on usability rather than major graphical upgrades. Among other usability changes, Quake Live has a new, more streamlined HUD. The program is a modified version of Quake 3 Gold and executed as compiled code on the user’s processor, the user downloads the game in the background as a part of the registration process and interacts with the program either through a browser plugin that can be embedded on the webpage or as fullscreen. Updates to the game are continually released and automatically installed as the user logs in.

The gameplay of Quake Live consists of players attempting to frag more of their opponents than any other player or team in a given match. This is achieved by navigating a 3D environment while collecting health, armor, weapons, ammo and various power-ups in an effort to survive and to damage your opponent or opponents until their health reaches zero.

Game modes

  • Duel: Player versus player (1-on-1) combat. Whomever gets the most frags before the time is up wins.
  • Free For All: Players engage in a match, where everyone fights for themselves. Whomever hits the frag limit first wins and ends the game. When the time limit expires, player with the most frags is the winner.
  • Team Deathmatch: Same rules as Free for All but in this mode, two teams fight each other.
  • Capture the Flag: Each team has a base, holding a flag. To earn points and win the game, a player must take the opposite flag, and return them to their own.
  • Clan Arena: Teambased gameplay, everyone starts fully equipped with full armor and weapons. When fragged, the player must wait for the next round to begin. Players can rocket jump with no health penalty.
  • Instagib: Free for All mode where players start with only a Railgun, which always delivers one-hit kills. Instagib servers are unranked.


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