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Racing Master: The Complete Currency Guide and Tips

Racing Master is a fast-paced racing game developed and offered by NetEase Games and Codemasters. The game has numerous real-life cars that need modification and customizations. These factors only improve the performance of your cars on track. Resources or better say, currencies in the game, assist you in achieving certain milestones and improving your progress rate. This detailed Racing Master Currency Guide will help you figure out the precise sources and usages of vital currencies in RM.

List of Paid Currency in Racing Master


How to get Gems in Racing Master

Gem is the only paid currency in Racing Master. Usually, the paid currency in any game has some or the other free ways to obtain some amount. However, the Gems in RM can only be acquired via Top-up i.e. by using real money transactions.

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You can select any of the packs available that are favorable for you and initiate the transaction. The selected amount will be automatically transferred to your account thereafter. 

Where to spend Gems in Racing Master

This Premium currency is used to purchase special items in the game. Several Expo packs that offer Gold keys and Master Pass Coins are bought using Gems. The Gold Keys win you a chance to own the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Other items from the Mall such as body kits for different cars, car designs from the Studio, and outfits to customize your character can also be purchased in exchange for gems. 

List of Free Currency in Racing Master 

1. Diamond 

How to get Diamond in Racing Master

Diamond is a free currency that can fill in for the shortage of keys at the Expo. There are plenty of sources from where you can get your hands on a great amount of Diamonds. This currency can be acquired as rewards from Tier Promotion, Achievements from any of the fields including races, tracks, and cars, progress in Career, and progress in the growth plan. You can also earn some by completing missions and as rewards from the Master Pass.

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How to spend Diamond in Racing Master 

At the Racing Master Auto Expo, the shortage of keys is covered by the use of diamonds to draw cars. Another primary use is that diamonds are used to buy gold via the mall. A few of the body kits and car designs of specific cars are purchased with diamonds. A few car components for customization are bought in exchange for diamonds. These include specific modification parts, roof decor, and suspension materials.

2. Gold

How to get Gold in Racing Master

Gold is another free currency that serves widely in improving your performance on tracks. There are also various ways through which you can earn Gold. Some of these include rewards from the completion of Season missions and Master Pass.

Racing Master Gold purchase
Image via NetEase Games

These can most definitely be acquired from the story progression in Career, Ranked races, and Progress. It can be purchased using coupons and diamonds via the Mall. Some amount can also be witnessed through tier promotion, daily gifts, and login rewards.

How to spend Gold in Racing Master

The Gold in Racing Master is used in the modification of the car and specific customizations. In case of modification, the enhancement of Engines, Tires, Body, and Chasis involves the use of Gold along with the specified primary part. The components for part modification are also bought using gold coins. The designed wheels, sidewalls, decals, paint, and part color – everything mentioned is bought in exchange for gold.

Final Thoughts

Racing Master is an excellent simulation racing title where you get various choices to customize your gameplay experience. The game has some of the finest features that take you forward in the run. As for improvements in your car, one must learn about the sources and utilization of various currencies in RM. The resources upgrade the abilities of the cars you own. Hence, follow up on the ultimate Racing Master Currency Guide to manage the resources wisely.

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