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Racing Master: Tips to level up easily in the game

Racing Master is a racing game developed and offered by NetEase Games. It holds a collection of the most prestigious cars that offer inspiring performance on the field. The game covers different regions and tracks where you can showcase your driving skills and progress to a higher tier by winning these races, especially the ranked ones. A few reliable tips will push you in the right direction for a long way. Thus, follow up on our Racing Master: Tips to Level up article to promote your tier and improve your game on worldwide realistic tracks.

How to level up easily in Racing Master

Following these valuable tips, the players can level up easily in the game:

1. Win the Ranked Races

The Ranked Race is the main mode of the game where 8 players including you compete against each other to win the race. The players standing in the top 3 of the race are given priority and they receive Ranked Points. The Ranked Races are held for each of the category cars separately.

Racing Master Ranked Race
Image via NetEase Games

The Ranked Points are calculated by taking the average scored in all three categories. Sufficient points correspond to the tier and you will be promoted to a higher status. We suggest you gear up your skills and make use of the basics to stand in the top 3 in all 3 races to speed up your progression.

2. Participate in Challenge Open

The Challenge Open or Duel Open is another mode of Racing Master where the races are held as a team only. The Challenge open is unlocked after you clear the 24 Ranked races. The challenge is held in three different stages namely: Team Selection Stage, Point Race Stage, and Final Stage.

Racing Master Challenge Open
Image via NetEase Games

To reach the final stage, you need to complete all 6 races of the Point Race stage. In the final stage, you need to pick out 6 out of 10 tracks to race. Here, driving the team car along with winning the Challenge Open opens a window of advantages and valuable rewards for you.

3. Enhance your Car Parts

In a race, you may have rare or legendary models of cars. But you cannot go on at the same level of statistics where other players upgrade and modify their cars. To finish first or even in the top 3, your car will require enhancements of specific parts. You need to upgrade the engine, tires, chassis, and body of the car using kits and some resources that include gold and required primary or advanced parts.

Racing Master part modification
Image via NetEase Games

The modification improves the overall ability of the car to perform in a race against other real-time players. The maximum performance, if offered by a legendary car, with your exceptional driving skills, is enough to overtake the veterans of racing.

4. Focus on the Career mode

The Career represents a player’s racing career and progress in the game. The section itself has many parts that polish up your skills, so it is important to focus on your Career. The Racing School teaches you the basics of handling a car including Throttle, Steering, and Drift. Apart from the skill course, the school also has field tests unlocked after you complete your skill course.

Racing Master Career section
Image via NetEase Games

The Story has chapters and the chapters have stages. Each stage in the story represents an event held by RM for the novices. You can also practice your skills with Drills which cover a whole lot of regions to give you a diverse taste of lifelike tracks.

Final Thoughts

Racing Master is an amazing simulation game that inhabits real-world cars to give gamers a realistic gameplay experience with a touch of excellent graphics. Racing Master has interesting performance stats that give you life-like visuals and authentic styling that attracts the audience positively. To level up and be upgraded to the top tiers, you need some headstart. Our Racing Master: Tips to level up piece does exactly that for you. So, keep up with the above-mentioned tips to race like a champion.

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